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Aunt Jackie’s Girls recognizes that parents want quality, affordable products, made with better ingredients, to care for their kids’ precious tresses.

That’s why we’ve developed moisture rich therapies without parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum or sulfates. These therapies have proven to be solutions that make combing and styling easier for children with hair textures that are typically more difficult to manage.

Because it can take up to about 12 years for children’s hair to fully mature, there are a variety of stages, and textures, throughout the development cycle of “youthful” hair.   The use of penetrating, natural herbal & botanicals, in higher percentages than adult products, can contribute to the overall health and growth results of children’s hair.

Aunt Jackie’s special recipes uses nourishing oils and butters, like Coconut & Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Shea Butter, and Flaxseed Oil, to help focus on scalp health, improve elasticity & pliability, enhance shine, and create easier combing & styling experiences.

There’s an Aunt Jackie’s Girls therapy to help manage just about every texture, and support every styling option. From curls, coils, waves, and afro puffs to pretty plaits, braids and twists, Aunt Jackie’s Girls is a win-win for mother and daughter!